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Stories of God building His Kingdom among the Chinese.

“I will build my church and the gates of hell will NOT prevail against it.” -- Jesus (Mat 16:18)

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  • I am driving in a rickety mini van - February 2011

    From police officer to church planter

    I am driving in a rickety mini van (they don’t build these kind in the US; it’s way too small!) on my way to the local church in the countryside of Sichuan.  The driver has just stopped to pick up another woman; she is attending the training we are giving this week.  Sister Liu starts talking; her pitch gets higher with each statement…now she has completely turned around—sitting on her knees—facing us.  She doesn’t care that she is not wearing seat belts.  The van keeps bumping us up and down as it runs over potholes on the country road.  She doesn’t care; she is too excited to tell her story.

    “I used to work as a police officer for 11 years, “ she explains. “While there, my police chief told me about Jesus.” I think to myself, “yea right!” I ask our interpreter to confirm one more time to make sure I have heard correctly. “He went to church every Sunday,” she continues with a smile.  Our interpreter confirms the story: wow, God revealed His love to her through a police chief.  Is there anything that God can’t do?  Obviously NOT.

    Today, she serves as one of the key church leaders outside of Jiangyou.  In 2009, she planted a church in a village where her mother lives.  “When we started the church, there were only a hand-full of believers.  Today, there are over 60 believers.” 

    God is moving in China and is allowing me another glimpse of His work in the largest country of the world.

    - February 2011

  • How do we keep the young people at our church? -March 2014

    Small Group – A Tool to Reach the Next Generation

    “How do we keep the young people at our church? How do we help them believe with their heart, not just their head?”  This is the question that Pastor Xu and her husband, Pastor Li, asked of us. They have faithfully served their church in Sichuan Province for the past 25 years. Back then, their church had only about 30 to 40 members. Today, up to 600 people attend their church on a Sunday morning. However, many of the attenders are older. In fact, they told me that 2/3 of their congregation is over the age of 60 and 1/3 of their congregation is in their 40’s and 50’s.

    In March of 2014, we tried to answer their questions. Over 80 people of their church leadership crowded into their conference room and learned the principles of small group ministry. After our training, Pastor Li excitedly pulled us aside. “See those two ladies in that small group? They never say anything. Now, in their small group, they are talking and sharing openly! Through the small group ministry training, I have the tool to reach the much younger people of our city!”

    What an honor for China Partner to be part of God’s story in this church.

    -March 2014

  • Missionary in a bright yellow Polo